JLF is a private investment company specialized in acquisitions and managerial administration of commodity market companies in agricultural and machine industries.

JLF is a wholly Czech company based in Prague and Zatec, founded in 2011. JLF is typical two-generation family company built on trustworthy relations and equality. The abbreviation JLF stands for “Jan & Ladislav Falbr”.


JLF invests into privately owned companies focused on commodity trading and processing within a diverse range of markets in agriculture, steel industry and fair trade.

JLF hails an all-weather approach for its clients with specialization in asset management, accounting and strategic growth.

Our local expertise and in-depth market analysis allow us to develop strong risk management plans as well as help maximizing potential returns. We assist with a range of development strategies to grow successful business, keeping price volatility, market exposure and hedging all in check.

We help existing companies to sustain their growth and improve the position on the market. The aim is to build a basis for an economically healthy and profitable entity with a trustworthy reputation. JLF takes care of wide range of issues which every company has to deal with in today’s complex world, starting from strategic decisions, dealing with authorities up to specific operational problems. Transparency, healthy economy and effective processes are for us the key characteristics of a successful company.


Agricultural commodities

Trading with agricultural commodities is one of the core businesses with longest tradition within JLF group. The majority of work is carried out by Top Ekos s.r.o. founded in 2009, one of the largest exporters of agricultural commodities in the Czech Republic. Thanks to a unique business model based on detailed knowledge of both local and foreign markets, economic expertise and correctness towards business partners, Top Ekos has become a leading recognized player in the world of trading.

Machinery and building industry

JLF has successfully expanded its activities in machine industry by entering strategic companies such as Gross Stahl s.r.o. which has been for more than twenty years engaged in selling, distribution and cutting of metallurgical materials. In 2018 JLF took over PKD s.r.o., which specializes in design, production and building of steel halls and structures. With more than 60 years of experience, PKD has become one of the largest player in this field in the Czech Republic.

JLF takes care of economical and operational optimization in order to sustain growth. The aim is to persist an active approach towards existing and potential clients, enlarge storage and production capacities, and extend machinery services in order to fulfill all needs of the current market.

Structural engineering

Our multidisciplinary team is involved in various international projects in civil engineering field. Vast experience from abroad has brought opportunities to participate in several interesting projects. Design of specific UHPC structures such as bridges, floating harbors and seismic engineering are the focus areas where we actively perform a design and advisory work. Our expertise and long-term relation with foreign clients has resulted in trustworthy relations which enable us to involve other Czech companies and partners.



U Oharky 3093
Zatec, 43801
Czech Republic